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Ecotone and Sustainable Design

Ecotone Land Design, Inc. seeks to design for client enjoyment, while considering unseen or seldom noticed environmental and lifestyle needs. "Green" development can be achieved through urban infill, Brownfield reclamation, constructed wetlands, Smart Growth planning, etc.; but is more complex than simply recieving "green" designations for our civic, commercial, and residential developments. "Green" building materials and assessment of possible ecological impacts are important to environmentally concerned clients; whether developing parks and recreational space, urban mixed-use, transit nodes, and botanical gardens or rehabilitating wetland habitats or creating wildlife conservation developments. Founder, Mark Johnson understands that the decisions made and costs incurred, today, can have a significant impact on future water quality, quality of life, and maintenance requirements at a select site and its surrounding community. This firm welcomes opportunities to partner with others on LEED and other sustainability-focused projects.

Home || About the Firm|| Service Categories || Sustainable Design


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